Something that I have done And advice I have to give.

If something feels wrong to do, don’t do it.

This is a lesson that I have learned through much guilt and heartache.

In the past I have done some unsavory spells for personal gain. I take no pride in them and even when I was doing them I didn’t feel all that at ease. These spells were love spells and breakup spells, not because it would help someone, but like I said, for personal gain. Over the years since they have been done, it has eaten away at me, even if the spells didn’t work or haven’t taken effect yet.

Today I met someone that was part of one of those spells. She was still kind to me, and my heart throbbed for her just by looking at her. This opened up my throat chakra because I was locking down that piece of me. This made me want to do another spell. This made me NEED to do another spell. It wasn’t enough for me to look at the past and go “That sucked, i feel like shit, lesson learned”. Seeing this beautiful soul made me angry at what I had done and motivated to fix it.

So I did one more spell, to effect all that I had attempted to effect before.

This spell was to go back in time, and ruin the other spells. It was to ensure that the other spells wouldn’t work, or that they would never work. I am being my own karma here. I am taking my history and becoming the cause of why the spells didn’t work. I am protecting the people that I tried to control from spells that I had done, should the spell try to activate now.

I am not proud of this. If anything I am ashamed that I have to do this. So let me make one thing clear. If something feels immoral to you, don’t do it. No matter what anyone says. I followed someone, whom I trusted, to do spells and actions that were immoral. This does not excuse me from my actions. If you feel wrong about an action you are to take, then resist taking that action, no matter what others say. This is my advice.


More on Over Souls

So I realized that in the last part I explained what you need for an over soul but now how they work.

An Over Soul is something that almost every religion has aquired in different ways. At it’s base it is a spirit’s energies and a human’s energies mixing inside of a physical object.

As stated in the last post, this object is a mutual object that the spirit can relate to. This object, now charged with both the human’s and the spirit’s energies, becomes a tool of empowerment to accomplish a goal.

This has been used in several different methods. Possible the most well known one is actually the Ouija Board, pendulum, or other forms of divination. People do these instinctively, and it is quite simple for the spirits to lend energy through such a manner.
There are other forms of Over Soul in the physical such as charms. Charms carry the spirit or energy of a Soul and the natural energies coming off of humans generates the energy to activate and run the charm.

As you can tell this is not exactly rare for people to do.

Priests do it often. When evoking a specific god through an item, often a staff or wand or athame, the object becomes a conduit for the god to enter and lend it’s energies to the service. This is actually over soul.

In the physical this is one of the most common ways to invoke a being. In the astral, spirit world, dreaming, or other unseen worlds, this can be a bit harder to achieve because of the structure of energy.

Which is where furyoku comes in, apparently. It is a form of energy that can be translated to either Shamanic power  or Floating Power. Both sound like they could be related so I am not going to push this much especially because of how it is used. As I see and understand it. it takes the energy, body, and power of a spirit, transforms it, and them places it over your own skin, having it “Float” with your power.

This made me wonder what qualified one to be the one that becomes the over soul and I learned of some boundries listed below.

  1. Soul in question may not have any living form.
  2. Soul in question may not be tied to any place or being with negative energies(probably due to them being some manner of unwilling)
  3. Soul in question may not try to control the actions of the one wielding the over soul. (this will trigger possession and thus break down the over soul because it is no longer “Floating”)

In the astral, this can be a great weapon to use to protect yourself without using a lot of your own energy. The form of the Over Soul will be something akin to the spirit in question creating a translucent image over your own energies. This will change depending on the item and Soul.

To “activate” the Over soul, you and the soul in question will both have to touch the item, push your energy into it at a natural rate(the spirit will match yours) After a moment of focusing on this, the spirit you are working with will then enter the item and take the form of the Over Soul. After you are use to doing this with a Soul you trust, you can alter the over soul a bit by making it grow or shrink in size, or making the item look like a similar item. While in this state, the Soul you are working with will be able to give you advice and act as a second set of senses, which is very useful when outnumbered or in a tight situation.


That is all I really know about Over Souls and Furyoku. Hope it helps people out there.

The waking soul

My body is always awake because my soul is always asleep. For most this is not a problem. Most people spend their whole lives without waking up their soul. But my soul awakens like an eruption from a volcano. And it is powerful, cunning, and cruel. Usually it only wakes up for defending the ones I love or the honor of someone I respect.
However it waking up without that need is what is making me nervous. I know that I have trained for this but the kind of power that comes from my soul is nothing like my waking mind. most people like my waking mind, but almost none have seen my soul in action and the ones that do are thankful that I am on their side. 

Only two groups of people have seen it, totaling in a number less than 50. Both thought it was awesome. Only 3 people have seen the effects on me once the event was over and I was still erupting. 


I know that this state is what my goal is but that does not make me any less scared to “push the big red button”.

Dark Hunter’s Path Part 1: Dark Meditation

So i have decided on a very dangerous and lonesome path that is quite an honor to take. In simpler terms it is called a Dark Hunter. It is someone who walks a very fine line between monstrosity and divinity. They are stripped of their former lives and accomplishments and have very potent and very dangerous runes fused to them. These are not elder futhark or even anglo-saxon runes. These are Runes so powerful that Odin entrusted them to his wandering brother to keep away from most people.
To be quite frank. I am pretty close to shitting myself out of fear of failing in this.

Anyways I will be posting what I am allowed to post about this starting with the first steps of meditation. This meditation is to accumulate myself to the Darkness that will be used in the ritual. I have experienced complete darkness before but this was different. The complete darkness before was Tartarus, the primordial god of darkness and the void. That darkness had a mind, a consiousness to it, that would grab and grope at anything that would enter it. This darkness was not like that. This darkness was unliving, unknowing.

My trainer and ritual master for this soulful journey told me to cling to the one thing that would hold the darkness away. It had to be strong. I compared it to the happiness to make a patronus and he just stared at me. That is kind of what I get for making a refrence to an ancient being. Funny thing was that he even used the “Not nearly strong enough” when I chose my family. Except he spat it out. I told him that I will make it a strong enough reason to survive this darkness. Needless to say, this first time It didn’t work.

This part of the process is just to make sure I won’t all out die from this particular darkness. Again will be posting to keep everyone updated.

Different Types of purity

Purity is a concept that has always confused me. I mean, physically speaking, purity is just how much something is the same through and through. Yet spiritually, the definition doesn’t make sense to me. It is suppose to be something along the lines of in a good happy mindset/healthy/etc. Yet that definition is what bothers me. Partially because one can become pure while working out but sweat is not considered pure. Sex can be considered both pure and impure depending on the religion. So what is the right purity?

To me there are different types of purity. There is the purity of thought or intent, which is calm and collective yet open to the world. This is good for trying to learn new things. The key to this is to not judge or insult even if you don’t say it out loud. There is purity of action which is possibly the only battle ready form of purity, or rather, the only purity that can be used for battle. This purity is about enjoying the movement and putting your very soul into your actions. The action could be fighting, dancing, or even making love.This is truth through movement, for the soul cannot lie.
Then there is the purity of the mind. This is the most common purity that is discussed today though not as often in pagan groups. It is the childlike innocence that many try to keep for as long as possible. I am not really sure the reason behind this form of purity. Maybe it is a good starting point to reach the other purities.
Finally there is “Right for Ritual” purity. This purity seems to be a mix of the above purities or it could be something else entirely. For me, personally, this purity is the pure need to connect to spirits, gods, or just the energies of the world. For someone else it could be something different. This is the purity that will probably be most confusing because it can only be defined by your interpretation on the ritual that you are partaking in (like a ritual for beltane could be very impure if you are trying it for yule.)

These are the main types of purity for me. Another person might break them down further or have other ones but these are my definitions of purity.