Pop Shamanism Research

So I have been doing some research on pop-shamanism WoW style do develop my personal power, but I kept hitting the same roadblock. How to connect the elementals and spirits to the body for power. How does one just call it forward? Is there a faster/safer way than verbally asking? How does the power actually work?

I actually found my answers in a different place, and possibly the last one I was expecting. It was in the manga/anime Shaman King. There they explained something called Furyoku and over soul. They explained furyoku as an energy measurement and over soul as a means of using the powers of the spirit in question, generally one that has bonded with the shaman, though it seems that any spirit with the common goal as the shaman will do, so long as the right materials are in hand.

Furyoku is just the measurement term of the series, so it interested me less that the over soul (though it is useful to have the term for later research). The real interest was the Over Soul concept. It requires three things. They are A willing Soul, An Item that the Soul in question can relate to, and energy(furyoku) from the shaman. I decided to take a look at all three in turn and this is what I found:

  • A Willing Soul: This is important because a forced soul won’t mesh well with the energies and will reject the energies of the Shaman. A trapped soul might use this as an opening to flee if the bindings are not good enough. A subjugated soul might not be as willing but might still be used. A Willing Soul is better because then it is consciously pushing forward it’s energies as much as yours. The soul defines the type of energy used. Saki Mitama rules over this, and seems to be the highest representation of this because it is the soul can brings good harvest and catches, as well as success.
  • An Item that the Soul can Relate to: This is important because if one doesn’t have the right item, the energies won’t flow as well. This could be a replica from the spirit’s past, a totem or idol made for the Soul to reside in, gemstones that appeal to the Soul, etc. Looking back, priests from everywhere have used this for centuries.
    And example of wrong items and energies not flowing well that comes to mind comes from Kemetic Orthodoxy. For a priest in KO, if one is to have a statue(cannot remember if that is a requirement or not) it must be made out of pure materials. They have this guideline and everything for it. But it is very important for the job that they are doing because the energies they need won’t sit right in impure materials. Kusi Mitama rules over this and seems to be the highest representation to this because this is the cause or power behind the success created by Kusi Mitama
    Think of this as a A link cable between two Gameboys.
  • Energy from the Shaman: This is what makes the Over Soul work. The Willing Soul may be the engine, and the Item the Soul can relate to would be the car that the engine is in, but the Energy from the Shaman is what powers it all. I cannot explain how one powers something or pushes energy through something because each person does it differently.  Nigi Mitama rules over this and is the highest representation of this because this is the focused, working part of the soul, and any energy work requires a focus.
  • Goal: this may not be one of the actual things needed(some of you readers are probably going “You only said there was three things!”) but I think that this is important enough to warrant a bullet. Having a common goal as the spirit will make the Over Soul stronger. Generally this could be one of the reasons that the Soul helps you, or maybe it is the focusing point for your energies, or maybe an item was created to accomplish something. Like I said not necessarily needed for it to work but important enough to warrant a bullet. Ara Mitama rules over this and is the highest representation of this because it is the rough side of the Ara-Nigi balance. Usually appearing in warring or troubled times, Ara mitama is a good representation of a goal to accomplish or troubles to over come.


While focusing on the Over Soul idea, I am understanding how the powers work and thus can move forward with my growth. Next blog I may focus on the Mitama or maybe how all of this ties in with the Dark Hunter path.



A pause for introspection

A couple of nights ago, something amazing happened. I was able to be close to someone who I have been needing for years now.

During that time with her, my Fire, my very soul, woke up and opened it’s eyes. It was ready to walk it’s path, even though it was hurting a little.

I took a pause and have meditated on this a while. What is my path, what is my power, who am I, what am I, where is my place, what should I do, these are some of the questions that I have been asking myself. Hard questions to ask, harder to answer.

Something else has happened though. For every yang that happens, so too must a yin. A person that I care about does not like the fact that I am a wanderer. She is very much a communications person and someone who, like me, just up and goes where the spirit of wind blows, just isn’t compatible.

She also wants to help me but what works for her doesn’t work for me. She wants things like triggers all figured out, what causes it, what it does, what it hurts, everything. Where I am more than content to find what causes it and how to avoid it and not question how or why.

Other things have come up as well. Jealousy, self loathing, thoughts of suicide. Very dark things. Things that I just don’t share with others. and I have come to realize that I share almost nothing of myself with the world around me. I share my energy and my time but almost nothing else. Honestly, this doesn’t bother me in the slightest. It is not that I don’t trust people or don’t want them to see a part of me, though that may help me shut up when I am feeling suicidal. It really comes down to the fact that I don’t care for people to know.

Karma has come up recently as well. I have come to realize that I don’t care about karma. Not in the I am going to do what I want and I don’t care about the effects kind of I don’t care. More like if I deserve to be punished then let me be punished, if I am to be rewarded then reward me if you want. I am going to take everything in stride and just not care about the rest.

As for the self loathing, that is getting better. I hate myself as much and actually have started enjoying things about me. I have introspected and realized that the reason I don’t like myself is because I am not how I want to be. And what has caused that? Honestly it has been people trying to help me. Because I am the kind that sits there and tries to be exactly like the one trying to help me but that causes more harm than anything and that pushes me farther down the snake hole.

Jealousy is not much of a problem now that things have been laid down. But I am realizing my role and how it effects my spirituality and my physical life. My Role isn’t a Sacred Harlot or a Paladin or even a Hunter. My Role is King.

My role is King. That is a trouble and a half. As King I have territories and subjects that willingly follow me. As King it is my duty to protect and help make all under me flourish. That is a hard job but one I must take. One that I must re-take.

The last time I tried to be King, I was hurt. Hurst so severely that I couldn’t recover for years. My energies would flux and change, and my moods were as wild as the winds. I was devastated by the actions of one that I loved. But I have healed. I have grown and changed and have reached a point where I feel right taking up the role of King.

All because of a night with someone I loved.

My life has been on pause for this introspection to happen. Now it is time to start walking again. It is time to start running again.

I am Keahiuli, Sa HethertSekhmet, beloved of Set, Amun-Ra, Mut, and Sokar. Son of Hades, lover of Nyx, Freyja, and Pele. Student of Seiryuu Gima, and Master of my own design.

All of my Jobs

So It came to my attention that several people out there have been thinking that my only job is to be a hunter. If that was the case, it would be so much easier.
Lets start at the top and most obvious ones and work our way down the rabbit hole, shall we?

First off, hunter. What does this mean? It means I go out into the astral and kill things. Generally monsters or single target problems. “There are many things that go bump in the night, Agent Meyers. We are the ones that simple bump back.” – Professor Brom from Hellboy

The second thing that I do is I am a dream builder. This means that I am one of thousands of beings that create dreamspaces and safe havens for those that travel. It is a form of creation magic that is pretty simple to do actually.

Sacred Harlotry. I really didn’t have a word for this one untill recently. Pretty much I am told to love someone because it will help them get to the next place. Generally it is a daughter of one of my gods.

Host for the Gods. This is something that I really haven’t looked into much but It is a huge influence in my life. From what I understand of it, this means that the gods have prioity of control in my body. What else this entails I am honestly not sure. Should probably look into it.

Sacred Summoner. This is a serious one. Very diplomatic and lots of contract work. I have summoned monsters and beings in front of the gods, I have summoned Gods to places where they cannot normally go(i.e. a place that has been warded spicifically against the gods) I get called to do this one a lot actually. It is my second official job as described by the gods.

Dream Guide. Because everyone gets lost eventually, someone has to be there to get them home or to a place that they can get home from.

Guard of the Boundries of the Dead. I know that this goes into hunting technically but it specifically it is tracking down souls that have escaped from Erebus, and closing up the holes they made trying to escape.


Heritage and Parentage

So this post is going to be a bit mind boggling, so bear with me. This is about heritage and parentage in the astral and how it relates to the physical. Big supprise with the title right?

Anyways. Lets start with the three levels. The First most basic level is of course your physical parents, they raised you and could either open you up or close you down. This level changes every life.

The next level is the astral parents is what your soul is made of. This can change often but not usually as often as your lives. This gives you your powers and magic prefrences in the astral. This can be very hybrided or it can be something that has a lot of traits and confusing to figure out. My Example of this is that I believe that I am an Elf (seelie) on my mom’s side, and a demon decendant of Loki on my father’s side. Mind you, you don’t need to have two parents in the astral of different genders, or even two parents to make your bloodline.

The third is the “parents” that made your soul. This is a very Kemetic View of things. This grants powers and forms just the same as the second one, and even may be one of your parents in the second level. This would be the case for demigods from greco-roman times. This never changes no matter your life. Other gods may add things to your soul but the deity that created your soul is still your parent. For me this is Father Hades and Mama Hethert-Sekhmet(hathor-sekhmet).

Meditation experiance

Ok so this is not like my other meditation experiences, this one was an internal journey.
It started with me focusing on my personal power. I was in a grey white space with dark tendrils at first wrapping around me. Then they exploded from me, covering the space in darkness.

After that I could see my body covered in flames and being burned alive. The flames burned off my skin, burned off my humanity really, and burned with a strong flame that when the body opened it’s eyes and stood up, i felt like i was looking at something close to a god’s true form. It/I brought its/my hands together and looked upwards and shot the flames upwards where they changed color and hit a vortex. That vortex was green as were the flames. It did this three more times before shooting off in all directions like the brances of a tree. I realized that this was my chakra points being reconnected. I can describe them in their looks. They did not resemble lotuses in the slightest.

At the Crown, the vortex was exploding with a white gold light. It was branching out and constantly growing like the branches of a tree. Also the energy did not move. It had its path and stuck to it.

The next one down is the third eye. In this case it was three eyes connected through marking that were obviously fae in origin. The vortex stayed in the top eye.

The Throat/voice chakra was made up of three demonic looking heads with mouths open as if roaring or singing. the vortex could only be seen by looking into the mouths of one of the oni’s mouths.

the Heart chakra too he shape of a lion’s head and mane. The mane’s shape was in that of a heart if you took it as a silhouette with the vortex being a third eye piece/egyptian sun crown on the lion.

The personal power/ will power one was where the blackened, burning body of power resides. It was making a vortex that reached up and down with flames.

the sea of chi chakra was made of a dragon coiled around itself over and over again. I think the dragon its self was the vortex.

The final chakra point was the roots, and like the heaven chakra, it made up of red roots that reached farther and farther down.

These points connected and then zoomed out and I was looking at my own personal tree of life. It was impressive.

The waking soul

My body is always awake because my soul is always asleep. For most this is not a problem. Most people spend their whole lives without waking up their soul. But my soul awakens like an eruption from a volcano. And it is powerful, cunning, and cruel. Usually it only wakes up for defending the ones I love or the honor of someone I respect.
However it waking up without that need is what is making me nervous. I know that I have trained for this but the kind of power that comes from my soul is nothing like my waking mind. most people like my waking mind, but almost none have seen my soul in action and the ones that do are thankful that I am on their side. 

Only two groups of people have seen it, totaling in a number less than 50. Both thought it was awesome. Only 3 people have seen the effects on me once the event was over and I was still erupting. 


I know that this state is what my goal is but that does not make me any less scared to “push the big red button”.

My remenants during the dark trials.

So I am not allowed to list names, places, marks or what marks do, or really any of the stuff that I really want to put. However I can put down what is left and what is happening to me. On the astral, there are times when the pain is so bad that I black out only to wake up in my physical body hours later. The marks hurt like hell, but make me stronger than most things in hell. Unfortunatly I am still not past the ritual part so there is only so much that I can say about this.

Short version of what is happening is that I am being split down to my core. At first I didn’t know that this meant but now I am getting it. I am pretty much being reverted to my first memories alive. Other things are being stripped away as well, like my ability to contain my emotions, something that I worked hard on for many years.

The things that are left are raw emotions, impulsiveness, and untangled mind, and, strangely enough, two instincts. These two instincts are best defined as predatorial and territorial. Something else that is left is a form and an astral set of armor. The form is that of a Nemean Lion, which is the lion that Herakules had to kill on his challenges. This lion is golden of color, and is invincible from any external attacks. The lion was the first creature that I identified with in this life and it appears to be resurfacing as the “Base” of my soul. The “armor” is really a demonic exoskeleton that looks like a bone white, semi draconic, skeletal creature. A hollow from bleach might be a good discription minus the hole in it.  This armor is almost impenetrable and is immune to most internal attacks. 

The ritual master says that these are the base of my soul when created by the gods. Both seem to be nods to both my astral parents (a demon and an elf) and my creator parents (Hades and Hethert-Sekhmet). If this is indeed the base of my soul, I will build on this with confidence. I consider myself blessed to have been given this chance to have a fresh start and to build my soul without the insults and pains of being bullied. most of those pains have been stripped away and I cannot really recall what it was like.

So let me end this with something that I don’t say nearly often enough. HAILS AND THANKS TO THE GODS AND ANCESTORS.