Warrior’s Anger about the New Year Oracle

Let me say first off, that I am not happy with this year’s oracle. Not because there is truely anything wrong with what it is saying( gods know that I have been around trickster spirits long enough to not be bothered by it too much) but rather what was not said and what it is going to cause.
What is my problem with this? Its the fact that Isis fucking left out an important part of the system, Set. Why? Because she hates him for killing her king, when he did so because she killed his king.  However, in leaving him out, she has insulted her brother yet again and knowingly set in motion an action that will be resulting in needless chaos. She left out a part of the Balance, and thus has sowed bad grains in her fields.

In leaving out Set, she has insulted him, and insulted children of netjer that are connected to Set. She has dishonored her family with her words and her actions. She has insulted those that she should be guiding, and those that she has called upon.

I see you Isis, queen of lies, sitting on your throne of scorn of those that you cannot control. I will not be blind like those that cower under your rule. So play your games, but don’t call upon this warrior for any purpose, for you are not one of my queens, not after any of the insults that I have been dealt.