Spiritual Titles and Their Honor.

There has been one thing that has bothered me lately, and it really has bothered me a lot. It is when people who have spirits connected to them or have high standings with beings of power think themselves better of others just because they have a title.

An example of this actually happened yesterday. I met someone in my store who is a regular for a while and we both suddenly clicked into each other’s awareness levels. I had a feeling that he had spirits but I never inquired of what kind nor their connections. Once he clicked into mine though, he started saying what each of those spirits where and how important he was and was bragging about his power and his titles. Honestly, that was the best way to see how weak he actually was, not because he lacked power, but because of his weak personality(for lack of a better term)

I will admit that in the past I have done this too but I try to not do it at all anymore, but every now and then when someone starts to flaunt theirs I feel the need to shoot them down and show them how unimportant they are. But I know that is not how your honor your title(not to mention that in some cases it is a serious waste of energy that could be spent on something else).

The best way to honor your title, or to show your title, is by actions. Act in a way that lives up to your title. Then, if people have heard of you or ever hear of your title, then they go “that truly is a good example of a (insert title here)”, and if they don’t then your actions will reward you even greater titles.