Something that I have done And advice I have to give.

If something feels wrong to do, don’t do it.

This is a lesson that I have learned through much guilt and heartache.

In the past I have done some unsavory spells for personal gain. I take no pride in them and even when I was doing them I didn’t feel all that at ease. These spells were love spells and breakup spells, not because it would help someone, but like I said, for personal gain. Over the years since they have been done, it has eaten away at me, even if the spells didn’t work or haven’t taken effect yet.

Today I met someone that was part of one of those spells. She was still kind to me, and my heart throbbed for her just by looking at her. This opened up my throat chakra because I was locking down that piece of me. This made me want to do another spell. This made me NEED to do another spell. It wasn’t enough for me to look at the past and go “That sucked, i feel like shit, lesson learned”. Seeing this beautiful soul made me angry at what I had done and motivated to fix it.

So I did one more spell, to effect all that I had attempted to effect before.

This spell was to go back in time, and ruin the other spells. It was to ensure that the other spells wouldn’t work, or that they would never work. I am being my own karma here. I am taking my history and becoming the cause of why the spells didn’t work. I am protecting the people that I tried to control from spells that I had done, should the spell try to activate now.

I am not proud of this. If anything I am ashamed that I have to do this. So let me make one thing clear. If something feels immoral to you, don’t do it. No matter what anyone says. I followed someone, whom I trusted, to do spells and actions that were immoral. This does not excuse me from my actions. If you feel wrong about an action you are to take, then resist taking that action, no matter what others say. This is my advice.


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