Pop Shamanism Research

So I have been doing some research on pop-shamanism WoW style do develop my personal power, but I kept hitting the same roadblock. How to connect the elementals and spirits to the body for power. How does one just call it forward? Is there a faster/safer way than verbally asking? How does the power actually work?

I actually found my answers in a different place, and possibly the last one I was expecting. It was in the manga/anime Shaman King. There they explained something called Furyoku and over soul. They explained furyoku as an energy measurement and over soul as a means of using the powers of the spirit in question, generally one that has bonded with the shaman, though it seems that any spirit with the common goal as the shaman will do, so long as the right materials are in hand.

Furyoku is just the measurement term of the series, so it interested me less that the over soul (though it is useful to have the term for later research). The real interest was the Over Soul concept. It requires three things. They are A willing Soul, An Item that the Soul in question can relate to, and energy(furyoku) from the shaman. I decided to take a look at all three in turn and this is what I found:

  • A Willing Soul: This is important because a forced soul won’t mesh well with the energies and will reject the energies of the Shaman. A trapped soul might use this as an opening to flee if the bindings are not good enough. A subjugated soul might not be as willing but might still be used. A Willing Soul is better because then it is consciously pushing forward it’s energies as much as yours. The soul defines the type of energy used. Saki Mitama rules over this, and seems to be the highest representation of this because it is the soul can brings good harvest and catches, as well as success.
  • An Item that the Soul can Relate to: This is important because if one doesn’t have the right item, the energies won’t flow as well. This could be a replica from the spirit’s past, a totem or idol made for the Soul to reside in, gemstones that appeal to the Soul, etc. Looking back, priests from everywhere have used this for centuries.
    And example of wrong items and energies not flowing well that comes to mind comes from Kemetic Orthodoxy. For a priest in KO, if one is to have a statue(cannot remember if that is a requirement or not) it must be made out of pure materials. They have this guideline and everything for it. But it is very important for the job that they are doing because the energies they need won’t sit right in impure materials. Kusi Mitama rules over this and seems to be the highest representation to this because this is the cause or power behind the success created by Kusi Mitama
    Think of this as a A link cable between two Gameboys.
  • Energy from the Shaman: This is what makes the Over Soul work. The Willing Soul may be the engine, and the Item the Soul can relate to would be the car that the engine is in, but the Energy from the Shaman is what powers it all. I cannot explain how one powers something or pushes energy through something because each person does it differently.  Nigi Mitama rules over this and is the highest representation of this because this is the focused, working part of the soul, and any energy work requires a focus.
  • Goal: this may not be one of the actual things needed(some of you readers are probably going “You only said there was three things!”) but I think that this is important enough to warrant a bullet. Having a common goal as the spirit will make the Over Soul stronger. Generally this could be one of the reasons that the Soul helps you, or maybe it is the focusing point for your energies, or maybe an item was created to accomplish something. Like I said not necessarily needed for it to work but important enough to warrant a bullet. Ara Mitama rules over this and is the highest representation of this because it is the rough side of the Ara-Nigi balance. Usually appearing in warring or troubled times, Ara mitama is a good representation of a goal to accomplish or troubles to over come.


While focusing on the Over Soul idea, I am understanding how the powers work and thus can move forward with my growth. Next blog I may focus on the Mitama or maybe how all of this ties in with the Dark Hunter path.



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