All of my Jobs

So It came to my attention that several people out there have been thinking that my only job is to be a hunter. If that was the case, it would be so much easier.
Lets start at the top and most obvious ones and work our way down the rabbit hole, shall we?

First off, hunter. What does this mean? It means I go out into the astral and kill things. Generally monsters or single target problems. “There are many things that go bump in the night, Agent Meyers. We are the ones that simple bump back.” – Professor Brom from Hellboy

The second thing that I do is I am a dream builder. This means that I am one of thousands of beings that create dreamspaces and safe havens for those that travel. It is a form of creation magic that is pretty simple to do actually.

Sacred Harlotry. I really didn’t have a word for this one untill recently. Pretty much I am told to love someone because it will help them get to the next place. Generally it is a daughter of one of my gods.

Host for the Gods. This is something that I really haven’t looked into much but It is a huge influence in my life. From what I understand of it, this means that the gods have prioity of control in my body. What else this entails I am honestly not sure. Should probably look into it.

Sacred Summoner. This is a serious one. Very diplomatic and lots of contract work. I have summoned monsters and beings in front of the gods, I have summoned Gods to places where they cannot normally go(i.e. a place that has been warded spicifically against the gods) I get called to do this one a lot actually. It is my second official job as described by the gods.

Dream Guide. Because everyone gets lost eventually, someone has to be there to get them home or to a place that they can get home from.

Guard of the Boundries of the Dead. I know that this goes into hunting technically but it specifically it is tracking down souls that have escaped from Erebus, and closing up the holes they made trying to escape.