Heritage and Parentage

So this post is going to be a bit mind boggling, so bear with me. This is about heritage and parentage in the astral and how it relates to the physical. Big supprise with the title right?

Anyways. Lets start with the three levels. The First most basic level is of course your physical parents, they raised you and could either open you up or close you down. This level changes every life.

The next level is the astral parents is what your soul is made of. This can change often but not usually as often as your lives. This gives you your powers and magic prefrences in the astral. This can be very hybrided or it can be something that has a lot of traits and confusing to figure out. My Example of this is that I believe that I am an Elf (seelie) on my mom’s side, and a demon decendant of Loki on my father’s side. Mind you, you don’t need to have two parents in the astral of different genders, or even two parents to make your bloodline.

The third is the “parents” that made your soul. This is a very Kemetic View of things. This grants powers and forms just the same as the second one, and even may be one of your parents in the second level. This would be the case for demigods from greco-roman times. This never changes no matter your life. Other gods may add things to your soul but the deity that created your soul is still your parent. For me this is Father Hades and Mama Hethert-Sekhmet(hathor-sekhmet).


Meditation experiance

Ok so this is not like my other meditation experiences, this one was an internal journey.
It started with me focusing on my personal power. I was in a grey white space with dark tendrils at first wrapping around me. Then they exploded from me, covering the space in darkness.

After that I could see my body covered in flames and being burned alive. The flames burned off my skin, burned off my humanity really, and burned with a strong flame that when the body opened it’s eyes and stood up, i felt like i was looking at something close to a god’s true form. It/I brought its/my hands together and looked upwards and shot the flames upwards where they changed color and hit a vortex. That vortex was green as were the flames. It did this three more times before shooting off in all directions like the brances of a tree. I realized that this was my chakra points being reconnected. I can describe them in their looks. They did not resemble lotuses in the slightest.

At the Crown, the vortex was exploding with a white gold light. It was branching out and constantly growing like the branches of a tree. Also the energy did not move. It had its path and stuck to it.

The next one down is the third eye. In this case it was three eyes connected through marking that were obviously fae in origin. The vortex stayed in the top eye.

The Throat/voice chakra was made up of three demonic looking heads with mouths open as if roaring or singing. the vortex could only be seen by looking into the mouths of one of the oni’s mouths.

the Heart chakra too he shape of a lion’s head and mane. The mane’s shape was in that of a heart if you took it as a silhouette with the vortex being a third eye piece/egyptian sun crown on the lion.

The personal power/ will power one was where the blackened, burning body of power resides. It was making a vortex that reached up and down with flames.

the sea of chi chakra was made of a dragon coiled around itself over and over again. I think the dragon its self was the vortex.

The final chakra point was the roots, and like the heaven chakra, it made up of red roots that reached farther and farther down.

These points connected and then zoomed out and I was looking at my own personal tree of life. It was impressive.