The waking soul

My body is always awake because my soul is always asleep. For most this is not a problem. Most people spend their whole lives without waking up their soul. But my soul awakens like an eruption from a volcano. And it is powerful, cunning, and cruel. Usually it only wakes up for defending the ones I love or the honor of someone I respect.
However it waking up without that need is what is making me nervous. I know that I have trained for this but the kind of power that comes from my soul is nothing like my waking mind. most people like my waking mind, but almost none have seen my soul in action and the ones that do are thankful that I am on their side. 

Only two groups of people have seen it, totaling in a number less than 50. Both thought it was awesome. Only 3 people have seen the effects on me once the event was over and I was still erupting. 


I know that this state is what my goal is but that does not make me any less scared to “push the big red button”.


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