Dark Hunter’s Path Part 1: Dark Meditation

So i have decided on a very dangerous and lonesome path that is quite an honor to take. In simpler terms it is called a Dark Hunter. It is someone who walks a very fine line between monstrosity and divinity. They are stripped of their former lives and accomplishments and have very potent and very dangerous runes fused to them. These are not elder futhark or even anglo-saxon runes. These are Runes so powerful that Odin entrusted them to his wandering brother to keep away from most people.
To be quite frank. I am pretty close to shitting myself out of fear of failing in this.

Anyways I will be posting what I am allowed to post about this starting with the first steps of meditation. This meditation is to accumulate myself to the Darkness that will be used in the ritual. I have experienced complete darkness before but this was different. The complete darkness before was Tartarus, the primordial god of darkness and the void. That darkness had a mind, a consiousness to it, that would grab and grope at anything that would enter it. This darkness was not like that. This darkness was unliving, unknowing.

My trainer and ritual master for this soulful journey told me to cling to the one thing that would hold the darkness away. It had to be strong. I compared it to the happiness to make a patronus and he just stared at me. That is kind of what I get for making a refrence to an ancient being. Funny thing was that he even used the “Not nearly strong enough” when I chose my family. Except he spat it out. I told him that I will make it a strong enough reason to survive this darkness. Needless to say, this first time It didn’t work.

This part of the process is just to make sure I won’t all out die from this particular darkness. Again will be posting to keep everyone updated.