Having Choices

Some people believe that everyone has a choice. To be happy, to express emotions, they believe that these are basic choices.

I am not one of those people, but I don’t also believe that everything is planned out by some higher power. No higher power has the ability to control every choice and reaction.

This may seem odd to you reading it, and you are probably thinking “If he doesn’t believe that people have choices but he doesn’t believe that a higher power controls all of it, then what does he believe?”

I believe that everyone has choices, but I don’t believe that everyone has a choice to be happy or express emotions. There are some that it is their duty to be ok for others. Thus they loose the ability to choose to express emotions. These are the people that when asked if they are ok they will respond with a sad smile on their faces and say “I don’t have a choice but to be ok.”

These are the strongest people as well as some of the weakest. They are like a slab of granite, thick and strong, but they are under such a great stress that you can see the cracks.

People will try to help them by letting them vent but most of the time they just cannot. They may get one or two sentences out and then suddenly stop. It isn’t even an intentional reaction. They will just stop and will sit there confused, pondering “why can’t I say more?”
The reason is fear. They are afraid, they think that if they admit, vent, or express anything than their world, and they themselves, will crumble. And the ones that have tried expressing it and what they feared came true, those are the ones that lock up and are truly forced to be ok. Because society forces us to be ok, the fates force us to be ok, we cannot allow ourselves to be anything but ok.

We are the pillars of the world and we will always be ok.



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