Astral Powers

So last night/all of yesterday I have been contemplating my powers for the astral work I do so I called upon my gods to help me figure it out. The way that they put it is that it is like being (excuse the dnd 4e terms) an invoker/ divine warlock, mixed with a sorcerer or a swordmage. Now the second two I understand but the first two get me confused. Technically, the power I use it my own, and not called upon from high(or low in the case of Hades) however it was granted to me by either a pact or a covenant with a higher power.

For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about for dnd stuff that I am referencing to, a warlock is someone that makes a pact with a creature or being that gives him/her powers, a sorcerer is someone who has that power already inside them that can force it out via will or strength of mind, a swordmage is someone who has learned arcane arts to enhance how they use their swords, and an invoker is someone who has made a covenant with a deity to gain powers to destroy things that would destroy all that the gods have made.

The good news is that my gods understand DnD… the bad news is that they were more than less than unhelpful. The way that they put it is that I have the same job as an invoker, and I do invoke the power of the gods to destroy their enemies, but I have powers in a way that is more closely related to a warlock. They said that they did grant me my powers and crafted it into me since the birth of my soul, but unlike how DnD views divine casters, mine cannot be taken away unless I die.

The reason that I am want to know how my astral powers work and where they come from is because I don’t want to have to rely on someone or something, especially if they are higher up. It unnerves me.
Like i said earlier… more than less than unhelpful. Well it is just stuff for me to meditate on.


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