Magic cards are Magic Cards…

This is mostly to the gamers out there but I swear that my Magic TCG cards(mostly the legendaries) actually have personalities and spirits in them that come out when I mess with them.
I know the philosophy is that once you devote so much energies to something they take a life of its own… Except the legendaries are matching up to how other people are “feeling” the legendaries are acting.

For example, Niv-Mizzet. His Fire-mind side(like the card) is very sarcastic and a prick. And he also likes people figure out plans on their own. His Dracogenious side (like the OTHER card) is still a prick but likes to give options and ideas and likes to show off more than his firemind side.


But this is not the only example, For every legendaries and plainswalkers, people get similar “feels” for them, even if they haven’t read any of the official stories that Wizards has come out with. It is weird…


Oh well…


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