Just an angry rant(adult content warning)

I had a dream that someone said that Polyamoury was just a way to cheat on someone with out having to deal with guilt. I know that it is just a dream but that statement pisses me off. Someone who is truly poly will always get pissed at this statement. Using the poly lifestyle as an excuse to be unfaithful does not make you poly, it makes you a scank and a whore that no one should be around much less have sex with.

Polyamoury is a lifestyle that is hard to get and even harder to walk. To be poly means that you are willingly opening yourself up to be hurt. It means that you are willing to take on the worries and pains, as well as the joys of another person beyond just you and your partner. That alone requires a lot of strength and endurance. Anyone who thinks being poly is a way to be happier because they don’t have to be with the same person all the time is completely fucking wrong.

Polyamoury is a balancing act of trying to keep everyone happy. If you have a hard time keeping one person happy then you will not survive in a polyamourous relationship. In fact, it probably means that you should stop fucking around and work on keeping that person happy.

I am poly because I want to take the pains and sorrows of the ones that I love and try to ease them. There is a lot of failure for me and a lot of learning that I have to do, but I am going to try my fucking hardest that I get it right.