Encounter with Din

So I know that there is a lot of people posting about pop culture deities and spirits. Well mostly I stay away from that sort of stuff… Mostly.

There is one group of deities that I can’t help be drawn to. They are the golden goddesses. They are the only pop culture spirits that I can connect to constantly.

Well I went to lay down earlier, and I was descending down these stairs to an area that I often picture when I meditate. The stairs usually lead me to a giant heart with flaming wings. This time it let me to a great golden triangle. In the triangle I saw a woman that was both Red wearing golden armor and Gold wearing red armor. My mind cannot comprehend which it was.

Anyways I looked at her in awe until she asked me “Do you wish to have the power you need?” When I heard that I responded with “Well of course I want what I need. You would have to be stupid to not want what you need.”

At this she smiled and said “Then rise my Radiant Soul. For you are needed.”

After that everything vanished and I was under a great tree where I have made my home in the astral. There were two of my best friends of the spirits, looking at me with worried eyes. They asked how I felt and I responded with “I feel like fire.” as I said that work the kanji for fire appeared in my head and suddenly there was fire everywhere. Thankfully it didn’t burn anything.

When I pulled myself back to my actual body I just remembered one word. Din.



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