Demons of sin(upg/personal experiance alert)

This blog will be about the demons of sin. I don’t like posting about demons often and usually I don’t even like being around them. However, these last few nights I have been in a hellish landscape surrounded by nothing but demons. In particular, demons of sin. But what confuses me most is that I felt at home. My body was in the form of a demon of wrath.

So know I am going to try to post what I tried posting a long time ago (but the gods said “No.”) The Hierarchy of the Demons of Sin.

From the top to the bottom is Lust and wrath, Greed and Envy, Gluttony and sloth, and then Pride and wrath. I will go from top to bottom in the order that I listed and even explain why wrath is in there twice.

First is Lust. Lust may not seem like the most dangerous of the sins yet it is dangerous because a demon or demoness of lust will actually play the rest of the demons of sins for fools using their charm, looks, and charisma to get what they want, and often to keep what they want. They are subtle and crafty and one of the two types of demons that can envelope all of the other types of sin at once.

Next highest is Wrath. This first kind of wrath is not the berserking rage that most people think. These is the calculating, cruel, yet patient demons. They are the direct counter balance to Lust in the fact that they also can be all the other types of sins, but unlike lust, won’t be subtle about it. These are inspiring in battle and terrifying to go against.

On the rank below that form of Wrath and Lust is Greed. While not inatily dangerous, Greed is patient to get what they want and know how to get it. They can be crippling and are possibly the most subtle of all of the demons. That is what makes them dangerous.

Along side of Greed is Envy, which both goes hand in hand with Greed, as well as works against it. Demons of Envy are plotting, conniving, demons that are impatient to see their plan in action. I rank them this high because they act against everyone and can do it somewhat successfully. They also have a resilience that is astounding.

On the next tier down is Gluttony and Sloth. Gluttony is dangerous because it is living in excess in all aspects. That means eating, sleeping, sex, and wastefulness is all included in this. despite people viewing Gluttony as this fat disgusting monstrosity. Gluttony often takes the form of a starving creature. This is because they can never be filled to be satisfied.

Sloth only has sleeping in common with Gluttony. Sloth is dangerous, especially in times of hardships like wars. They secrete a constant miasma that makes others unmotivated, lazy, and careless. Which can cause trouble in something that requires all of the cogs to be moving as one. This can break down families and destroy armies if left unchecked.

Both Sloth and Gluttony can be solved with motivation, which greed, wrath, envy, and lust all give in their own way.

Pride is on the lowest tier because it can lead to the other sins but also can lead to some of the strongest virtues. All demons have pride, but the ones that feed off of pride are possibly the least harmful in the long run, as well as the most easily extinguished.

Now back to Wrath. This form of wrath is the berserking mindless rage that all things can boil down to. Unlike it’s higher form, this form doesn’t cover the other sins, but is an offspring of the other sins. It is at the bottom because it is the least complex to define and the one with the most simple mind.


This is the Hierarchy of the Demons of Sins as I see it. This is a generalization and not how it will be every time however.

Hopefully it will be helpful.


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