Different Types of purity

Purity is a concept that has always confused me. I mean, physically speaking, purity is just how much something is the same through and through. Yet spiritually, the definition doesn’t make sense to me. It is suppose to be something along the lines of in a good happy mindset/healthy/etc. Yet that definition is what bothers me. Partially because one can become pure while working out but sweat is not considered pure. Sex can be considered both pure and impure depending on the religion. So what is the right purity?

To me there are different types of purity. There is the purity of thought or intent, which is calm and collective yet open to the world. This is good for trying to learn new things. The key to this is to not judge or insult even if you don’t say it out loud. There is purity of action which is possibly the only battle ready form of purity, or rather, the only purity that can be used for battle. This purity is about enjoying the movement and putting your very soul into your actions. The action could be fighting, dancing, or even making love.This is truth through movement, for the soul cannot lie.
Then there is the purity of the mind. This is the most common purity that is discussed today though not as often in pagan groups. It is the childlike innocence that many try to keep for as long as possible. I am not really sure the reason behind this form of purity. Maybe it is a good starting point to reach the other purities.
Finally there is “Right for Ritual” purity. This purity seems to be a mix of the above purities or it could be something else entirely. For me, personally, this purity is the pure need to connect to spirits, gods, or just the energies of the world. For someone else it could be something different. This is the purity that will probably be most confusing because it can only be defined by your interpretation on the ritual that you are partaking in (like a ritual for beltane could be very impure if you are trying it for yule.)

These are the main types of purity for me. Another person might break them down further or have other ones but these are my definitions of purity.


One thought on “Different Types of purity

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    Feoh’s thoughts on purity. Unlike the modern “purity” that focuses solely on sexual abstinence “because we said so,” his take on it talks about the reasoning behind why something might or might not be pure.

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