Rules for Hunting

I have seen a lot of “How do defend yourself in the astral” blogs but I feel the need to inform the other group of people that go into the astral on quests or because of more private reasons.

Rule 1- Know what you hunt. I cannot stress this enough. This is possibly the most vital of all rules. Do your research, Know your target’s strengths and weaknesses no matter how small they may seem, and Know it’s domain. Don’t go anywhere until you KNOW EVERYTHING.

Rule 2-  Know your weapons. I am not just talking know how to use them, though that helps too. I am talking about know what else they are made for. A European blade with a cross hilt guard is was made for being stuck in the ground and praying over. You do that, and say a quick prayer over that blade for protection and boom, holy ground for about 10ft. until you pull it out of the ground. Asian silk can be used in some of the strongest binding spells and even can kill if you use the right spells. Garlic and onions and, hell, even rice can be used as an anti-demon weapon. Never fight a dragon with a sword and shield, go in with arrows and crossbows. Know your weapons, this is almost as important as know your prey.

Rule 3- Know the terrain and plan accordingly. If you are fighting in the snow use it to make hidden traps, if you are in the mountains, know where the caves are. If you are in an area with other creatures and lots of them, know which ones are out there, one might just help you because of a rivalry with what you are hunting.  Make plans. Make plans for your plans. Always have a fallback, and by fallback I mean a good point that you can easily start over from or a place that you can retreat too.

Rule 4- Don’t rush or loose your cool. Haste makes waste. If you panic, you tend to rush, when you rush, you make mistakes, when you make mistakes, the feces hits the rotational blades and you get covered. If you can keep your cool and keep to the fallback, then you can get out of almost any situation.

Rule 5- Don’t get personal. If you let a taunt or try to taunt and get personal then you risk people that you care about, even if they are not near you. Demons are notorious for trying to attack someone close to you to try to make you loose your cool. Don’t let them know about you. Keep a sealed lip.

Rule 6- Don’t talk to strangers. I know people are going to be like “Really?” for this one but, I am serious. You don’t know if that stranger is a friend or servant or master of what you are going after. Don’t accept help and don’t talk about what you are hunting. It may make things worse for you later on.

Rule 7- Don’t be afraid to run. I am serious. Running to a safe place could actually set you up for something that could actually save your life or even help you win. Running is not a cowardly thing, don’t get taunted into thinking it is. Other creatures will run from you if they can are know that they are loosing. Also Know where you are going when you run. Don’t just run off aimlessly.

Rule 8-  know your limits and make them last. I know people will want to use all of their strongest stuff first and end the fight quickly, but against a smarter foe, you will do nothing but exhaust yourself. Step up only when you have to. Get into a cozy pattern and drag the fight out if you have to. Just make yourself last. You may feel like you have a limitless supply of energy but it is not true. You will get tired eventually. So plan accordingly.

I know this sounds like a bunch of fantasy hublaa but it could just make your trip easier.


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