The Grey Army and the Titan War(upg alert)

There were 1,500 of us at first. All grown from different souls put into men. We were the army against the Titans. All of us made for one purpose. To Fight Titans. We were the first Heroes of the ancient world.
I remember, though not as well as one would hope, but I remember the battles. I remember Marching up with my phalanx pushing the chaotic throngs of monsters back up the steps leading to the Titan’s mountain. I remember the concentrated lust for war as we pushed our way up those gray mountain sides.
Everything was gray back then. There was no color due to the Lord of Time’s power. We could see such power, feel it trying to slow us trying to stop us. We pushed on however. Many of us had the blood of chaos and a will to force past the Titan Lord’s power.
I remember the bursts of raw power as the very skies clashed with themselves.
The world shook with force as even the Dame that birthed the Titan’s tried to stop us.

She knew what we would do. She knew our power. Yet we would not yield to even her. Frightening we were. Powerful we were. And even She feared us.

We were not made from anything on her land. We were forged in lands to the south and to the east where things were strange. She had no control over us. Only the first borns of Rhea did. By Demeter’s hand we reaped the armies of the Titans. By Hades’ strong arms we held fast as wave after wave of monsters broke themselves against our shields.

I remember the throne room. Massive and yet lethargic. Here we could see the magic of the Titan Lord’s power. We could see how it warped the very fabric of existence. That is where my first thought that I could define as mine came. I realized that he was desperate and was undoing the very time that was used to forge our loyalty, and indeed our very essence, to the Olympic Gods. Yet we still were fighting him.

There were great blazers burning dark with fire and statues with glowing magic in their hands keeping the attacks of the gods away.
Here, in this very room, is where and when our ranks finally broke. We knew not what to do. Yet we still fought with a power that pushed us. Only a few of us were able to pull the Grey Army back into form. Walls of defense were made with our bodies as ranks of us tried to destroy the statues and blazers.
We met a titan there. One with rams horns and wielding a staff attacked our ranks. I watched as one phalanx broke formation and masterfully detained the titan. All this time I worked on the blazer.

Nothing would cease the fire’s hunger. We tried smothering it but it ate through.
Then I had an inspiration. We worked to tip the blazer, and indeed we succeeded. Each one we did this and the mountain roared with pain.

The Titan called one of it’s brothers. One of many hands and faces, though all of the faces that would relate to any form of kindness were mutilated and warped till only the most aggressive and cruelest of faces were shown.
He, wielding many weapons in his hands, defended the other blazers with an efficiency unknown to us Grey Men. We watched as the fire burned everything but him.
He was indeed a strong foe and paired with the horned titan, we nearly lost. However they were in a much smaller space due to their size and were much less agile. We used them to start to destroy the throne room and we nearly succeeded.
Until the Titan Lord himself appeared. Even with our skin and blood of chaos it was hard to resist his power at such a close range. Most of us stopped dead in our tracks but the strongest of the Grey Army could still move, though not nearly as fast as we would have liked. I watched as he swung his sickle and completely undid everything that the gods made. One by one The Grey Army fell. Our first true casualties of this war.
Seeing this angered those who could move. We felt the bonds that held us down slip away as our anger reached it’s peak. And Kronos felt it as well. He charged us going straight for the strongest. They held him off while the rest of us formulated a plan.
It was not I, though I wish it was, who thought to use the fire to burn the eastern most statue allowing for the other gods to strike from their mountain on high. 
It worked, the statue was eaten by the black flame’s hunger.

We felt the full power of the gods rush through the wards. A league wide, and sever league long, pillar of energy surged through the weakened ward and struck the Titans down. In came color, power, and freedom in the form of the True Olympians. The Six born from Rhea entered and subdued the titans.
Then the Lords Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades cut their father into many pieces. Utop this very mountain, the decided to separate the lands. Hades the strongest volunteered to trap their father under the earth and watch the dead. The lords Poseidon and Zeus argued who should be king utop the mountain Olympus and who should watch closely over the earth and her inevitable Furry. It was settled by the Ladies Demeter, Hera, and the often forgotten Hestia. Who were afraid of Hades’ strong position.
Then came the choice of what to do with the Grey Army. We were made mortal by the now fallen foe’s power. The weakest of us were locked up out of fear of deteriorating more. Most were warped into creatures to serve eternally the gods. Only us leaders were remade with true power to keep our souls true. Our bodies died but were put into human bodies yet again. Scattered we were to the corners of this world and the next.To my knowledge only 16 of the leaders remain.


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