PBP-Differences between Demons and Devils

Ok so this has been bothering me for a long time. Lots of people say that there is no difference between Demons and Devils. The fact is that this is wrong. I am going to do a little compare and contrast between the two. Hopefully this will help some people when it comes to defending them. Mind you this is brief and does not cover everything but it may give you some starting points on what to expect and where to look for protection.

Demons and Devils both are said to make their home in some off-world hell hole. Some people might look at this(and I have had this happen to me) and say “That means that they are the same!”… That is like saying my cat and I are the same species of animal because we live in the same house. It just doesn’t work that way.

One of the things that I have noticed is that Demons and Devils have very different ways of coming into existence, both of which have what I refer to as a “Pokemon style evolve system”

Demons can come from anything that has become tainted by evil and darkness and even chaos when it comes to the Egyptians. This can include nature spirits, men, gods, even the land its self. This is very much an over time process that they gradually become more and more evil until said being is a demon.

Devils on the other hand have one definite source. Angels. From what I have learned, it works like this: An angel that falls from gods grace by doing an evil act will still do things in the name of god, and after a while of continuous punishment they begin to resent the very god that they use to love and worship and thus work in spite of him, thus becoming devils.

Another difference is how you protect yourself from them. The best way is to avoid them at all costs to begin with, but lets face it, that is damn near impossible. Both can be countered with holy water from any religion but not from any symbol from any religion. For example: Devils are best countered with an angel symbol, the crusifix(but not a cross because it does not bare the body of Christ) or rosaries. Demons however vary. A catholic demon will be effected by the same things as a devil, but an Oni might shrug it off. There are many different religions and almost all of them have demons, and only the ones that follow God really have Devils. So just remember, Religion matters.

Now to tie up some loose ends. Like the Corruption of Chaos from Egyptian mythology. Some might think that this is a way to explain what happened to Set. There are two problems that I see with that theory.. One is that he is not evil or bad or even tainted(kinda hard to be tainted from yourself if you know what I mean) and two is that him going “Evil” against  Isis, Horus, and Osiris is more of a revenge story than anything, but I will cover that when I use him for my “s”.
Also none of this info is 100% accurate because I am still learning about it. I honestly just put it as I saw it.


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