PBP- Buer

Before I get started I want it clear that I do not want ANYONE to use this knowledge wrongly. I am about to start into a Demonology Post and I want everyone to be as cautious as humanly possible. This is not knowledge to fool around with to any extent. Demons need only an invite in the vaguest of forms to enter your life and Fuck you over. Let it be said that even behind all of my gods and my walls and my barriers I still felt vulnerable, and I was taught how to defend myself.

Now to the actual blog.

I am going to talk about Buer, a Fallen Angel and 10th of the 72 Spirits of Solomon.

Buer has the face of a lion, and five legs with hooves each pointed at the points of a star. His face is wizened to the point of looking like an old man but still young enough to show his distinctly feline features.  Each step of his hooves send sparks of fire into the air that light up his face. Despite this, the smell of honeysuckle drifts in the air. At least to me.

Supposedly he gives good familiars and teaches moral and natural Philosophy, the logical arts, and the virtues of all herbs and plants. Interestingly enough, these are several of the things that all heroes are taught from Chiron. I say that this is interesting because the only time that it is said that Buer appears is when the sun is in Sagittarius.

Despite the above saying that he is good, I am too weary of beings with power. And Buer has a lot of power. He is a President in Hell where he governs more than 50 Legions of Demons. With that much power he could easily wreck someone’s life on a month by month basis without repeating a single demon. When you think about that, it is just scary.

I cannot say more because I don’t want to try summoning and capturing or working a deal with him. So my experiences with Buer ends here.


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