the lovers effect

I know not if Freyja made her more beautiful or if Venus made me stumble upon myself around her. She knows not that I find myself struggling to be normal around her. She probably thinks that I am just that goofy.

I know that I am twitterpated, yes, I did just use that. I think about her all the time. I would be guilted if not for the fact that my mate allows this and wants my relationship with this beauty to bloom.

At night my mind drifts to her delicate curves and ample breasts, as well as the smile on her face. In the waking my mind drifts off to the thoughts of her laughter and the smell of her hair.

Oh goddesses of love, you have a way to make your blessings jinxes in the most humorous of ways. You have made a beauty that befuddles my mind. Strange though that you only make it happen when she and I are at a distance.

But alas, ye goddesses of love have been kind to me in allowing me to feel such a heightened for of love.