How I see Hades

I really like talking about how I see my gods and how others see their gods. So I am going to talk about one of my personal favorite gods. His name is Hades. That is right, the Lord of the Dead, the Hospitable One, the Lord of Riches. I see him as my father, partially because he has told me straight up that he is the father of my soul, partially because he is the kind of dad that I would love to have. I mean how awesome is a dad that brings home a puppy with THREE FRICKEN HEADS!!!

Physically, Hades looks like a well built, tan skinned man. he has deep brown, almost black eyes and wavy Hair the color of obsidian. There was even one time that I looked at him when he was in his training outfit( a sort of greek kilt) and thought “Why does he have to be my dad and why do I have to be a guy?!?” 

His personallity could use some work but it is still pretty cool. He is kind of one of those jerks that you would love to be around just because you want to see what happens next. He is not flamboyant like his brothers but he does have a certain charm that they lack.

As for his “Job”. It really sucks. I mean he has to deal with a bunch of dead ass-hats all the time. I mean yeah he can venture out some times but he has to be a night owl so he can be grumpy. In the winter months he gets to see his wife, and I must say that he has great tastes.

Now before any of you say anything about him “kidnapping” Lady Persephone, Let me say a couple of things. 1) Zeus, Persephone’s dad and Ruler of the Heavens, gave his brother the Ok because he knew that Hades has a rotten job. 2) The kidnapping thing was how the Greeks did it back then. 3) Hades tried his best to actually win Persephone over in a more romantic, much too modern way for the time. 4) When his sister came charging into his domain demanding her daughter back, Hades tried to do the right thing and give Persephone back, but Persephone had already eaten the fruit, which by the way should have kept her there for the rest of eternity, Hades worked with the other gods to make it so that she could leave for half of a year.

I was going to say something else about him but I forgot… So for now,




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