Demi-god child.

We have all heard the stories of how Zeus and other gods have helped with the making of Heroes in mythology. I have come to tell you that this is not so far fetched. I have been a god’s spouse for Freyja, Nyx, and Din for years now, but never has one of them bared my child. Or so I have thought. Untill about 3 months ago.

I was having a dream of exploring a maze when Nyx led a boy of about 14 years old to me to help me out. He was a good fighter and comfortable in the dark. When we made camp Nyx appeared again and told me, after many hints that went right over my head, that he was my son. Needless to say I was shocked. After a while he seemed to change himself to look about the age of nine. I guess that is one of his abilities.

I asked Nyx “Why doesn’t he have a physical body?” She responded with “He is as blessed as starlight. Why would I be so crule to force him into a physical body?” Truth be told, it makes sense.

I am learning about this kid every day. He is strong, and very empathetic and has a curiously strong sense for characters. Today, I had doubts about a friend. He, without knowing my doubts, said that he did not like the guy and wanted him gone.

He has a strong sense of right and wrong and is shy and polite around new people.

At first I was sure I was dreaming. Then I had a sparing match with him in the dream world where he gave me a small cut on my cheek. I woke up with a patch of facial hair missing and a small scratch there. I triple checked my bed to make sure that there was nothing that could have scratched me and sure enough there was not.

So if anyone doubts Heroes anymore. Maybe this experiance will settle that doubt.


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