Time to Leave

I just woke from an encounter with one of my guardians. I was outside in a dream/astral world talking to one of my shadow dancers. Suddenly I heard a young man say “Its time to separate.” I then felt a sensation on my chest. I look down and see a purple rope similar in style to the ones that are used to tie up boats to docks. I follow the taunt rope and see a young man with Brown hair and tan skin holding a scythe in his left hand and the other side of the cord in the other. His eyes were sad but at the same time determined. “Its time to leave her.” He said to me. “She is destroying herself and pulling you down with her to keep herself going a bit longer.” I already knew who was on the other side of that cord before he sliced it and strangely I did not care. The man released the cord and it turned into bright blue flames that rushed to my heart. “Call your mate, have her heal you, stroke the fire until it burns brightly once more.” Was the last thing that I heard before my vision changed to my room at my apartment. I woke up refreshed and feeling energies and my heart chakra again.

Am I sad at the cost? No. It was simply Time to Leave.


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