Things I learned from Dragons

In most Asian countries, Dragons are wise, powerful, beautiful beings. In my travels through the unseen I have been blessed with some of their great knowledge, and I pray that I keep being blessed in such a way.

I don’t know which Asian country the dragon that teaches me is from but he is old an wise. “Never Assume that because your argument is correct, your opponent is automatically wrong.” He said to me once over some tea. “If you don’t consider the possibility that your opponent is also correct you will surely fail.” Its a wise statement and one that I have a hard time living up to. I know that most people are the same.

To prove his point, he engaged me in a very heated topic that I came out knowing that I had lost. Actually I felt that I had lost long before that moment. I learned two lessons that day. See both sides of the conflict and never have a heatded discussion with a dragon that is a hundred years older than you. I know that my teacher is older than that but I think I will only have a chance with a dragon about ten years older than me. Anything above that is out of my league.

That dragon has taught me many things like what I put, as well as given me a love of unagi(eel) in food. I pray that he keeps blessing me with his knowledge.


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