She is amazing, beautiful, sexy, smart, caring, cute, funny, and sweet. She is short, brown hair, brown eyes, and curvy in a way that attracts my eyes to her body every time I see her. I cannot help it. She has one hand that has four fingers that is the most adorable thing I have seen. She fits well when I hold her. I sleep well when I am next to her. I smile when I am in her presence. Everything about this woman is attractive. I feel that the wrongs that she may do are small and not worth being bothered over. The last time I felt this way about anyone was about my girlfriend, and we have lasted three years. I feel that with her by my side all drama is petty, all weaknesses don’t exist, and all fears can be ignored. I look at her and smile because of how much I love her.
She is beautiful, yet she does not think so. She suffers from chronic depression. I want to be the one that takes her out of it. She deserves to be loved and I want to be the one that gives her all the love that she requires. I want to be the reason that she wakes up smiling.

Some days I the only thing on my mind is her, and I get afraid because I feel that I will never be her’s or that she will never want me and will always seek someone else. No longer. My passions are my strength and she is my passion.

I truly, honestly love her, and there is not a single phrase that explains it better. I have tried resisting my love for her. But somehow this love is so powerful that if glides past all of that.


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