Journey away from Kemet and into Dreams.

It has been a week since I have left the house. In that week I have meditated on where I want to go next. I was about to settle on Shinto, then I had a dream where Din, the golden goddess of power from the Legend of Zelda series appeared. Being a dream, I thought this was normal. And then I realized that the energies and power coming from this being was on the level of a minor god in Hellenic. It shocked me. She looked at me and said, “Look to us.”

I consulted several of my gods and everything feel right. So my next place I am going is into dreams and the gods that inhabit them. What I know of dreams, it is easy to be lost and end up mad very quickly. I will be posting what I learned about the gods of the LoZ. Now I know that people are going to say its a stupid idea because its just dreams. Well, in response to that, so is how most of the gods talk to us anyways.

May the gods guide me safe and true, I am going to need it.


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