Religious experiance

One of the Titles that I have given myself is the Far Traveler. Its because I move from one religion to the next, learning what is needed and then moving on. I really don’t like it but it happens none the less. When I am done learning I always get the same feeling. “You are not welcomed. Move on.” Even if people say that they love my company, I still internally feel like I am un-welcomed. Now I am at the end of me learning about Kemet (ancient Egyptian gods) and again I feel like everything is “club exclusive” to the higher members. The Shemsu all know each other very well, but it seems that the remetj are sort of unknown. I have been on there for just under a year and I know that some people will say “Give it more time.” But this is something that I have noticed about the Shemsu. The connection between them is stronger than with the remetj, even if the remetj are constant posters. I know the reason why. To become shemsu a person has to graduate from the beginner’s class to become a remetj, go through the Right of Parental Divination, and take shemsu vows and get named. I know from personal experience that stuff like that will tie people together, and I know that I am probably one of the few people in the world that it bothers to the degree that I will leave something. I don’t want to be shemsu. So not having the same comradeship that the shemsu have is hurtful. I am a watcher. I don’t post often, because I like to watch the interactions between people and this is nothing more than me watching.

There is no reason for me to stay. So its time that I move on to my next religious experience.


5 thoughts on “Religious experiance

  1. *Hugs* Always remember, you are dear to many of us and we are always here for you. I am deeply sorry to hear about your leaving, but your points are completely valid and I have read other others who felt similar. I only hope you find a place where you feel comfortable and loved. I began in the HoN in 2005 and left for similar reasons, on top of not being sure about Hemet (AUS).

    Safe Travels!


    • Thanks, another thing that is causing me to leave is that it is just time for me to learn something new. I came to learn and I left with friends. Don’t think that because I am leaving the house I am also leaving my friends. I plan on keeping you guys :)

  2. In theory there shouldn’t be that division between between Remetj and Shemsu. And some of the members, including W’ab I know, don’t make that distinction IMO. Tamara definitely does not. But many of the Shemsu do, no question. Many have the attitude of “You cannot possibly know anything about NTR X, because you haven’t been divined for them.” But the Shemsu oath doesn’t hand you a barrel of insight, it’s just you vowing to honor one or more of them before others.

    Kemetic Orthodoxy is not the totality of the Kemetic world, but if it’s time to move on…

    For a small community, I am really impressed with the people I see in Natib Qadish. You might give them a look….

    • Kemetic Orthodoxy will be my only connection to the gods of Kemet. That I have decided. But I need to practice on my own. And I may still come back to KO to make sure that others don’t feel the same. As for Natib Qadish, I have been directed their way before but I always get the same feeling of “No” and “Danger” From someone higher up(or lower down when it comes to Hades). My next direction will be Shintoism with some dabbling into dreams.

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