Me (contains adult language)

Apparently people don’t know enough about me. People assume several things that are very, VERY wrong about me. One thing that hurts the most is when people compare me to other guys or lump me in with the stereo-typical guy.

I am poly. That does not mean that I go out and sleep around with every woman that I find attractive. It means that I have several lovers and, gods bless them, they are the most important people to me. Actually they are more than that. They are my will to live. There are only three of them. I will not name them. If they read this then they know who they are. I only have one more that I wish to love completely as I do these three.

I flirt, often. When I flirt, I expect nothing more than smiles. When I flirt with a girl it means that I do have an interest in them. Does that mean that I want to just sleep around with them? Hell no. When I flirt that means that I think that the girl that I am flirting with both needs a deserving boots to their self esteem or that I think that I might have a shot of actually having something meaningful happen or both. I expect nothing more than to be someone’s side relationship.

The theme for polyamory is infinite love. I have infinite love as long as I am not devoting myself to making them one of my main women. I would like more side relationships based more around friendships, but I cannot devote myself to any more women than I have now. I think I would die.

I do not think of women as a piece of meat to fuck. I hate fucking actually. If there is no love in it then why do it? If it does not help me get closer to the one that I am having sex with, be it spiritually or emotianlly, then it has no use to me. I treat women with respect. They are beautiful creatures that should be respected and worshiped even.

That should cover how I think of my personal relationships.


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