Timeless Colors

Here we are. Laying next to each other. Resting. Relaxing. Soon the colors warp and time slows down. The bed on which we lay suddenly becomes a deep ocean and we drift downward, dreaming of a land of Timeless colors. Everything looks warped yet right. Yellows and Greens shine too bright. Blues and Reds hold deep shades of our minds. Here everything has a feel of Timeless Colors. The sky is painted with pinks and violets and the grass is shaded orange from the late sun’s light. Here things are beautifully made with Timeless colors. Soon time speeds up and colors loose their luster. Drifting weightless, we leave the land of Timeless Colors. Then we wake in a bed holding hands so sweetly, muttering the words that hold all of the Timeless Colors. There we mutter “I love you.”



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