Dream spirit encounter

This is one topic that still kinda confuses me but I am going to do my best.
Spirits in the waking world. Not just any spirits but dream spirits, even deities of dream worlds in the waking world. This confuses me because my first reaction was to go “Pshhhh, yeah right!” Thats probably your reaction as well right now. Personally I don’t blame you. It is VERY far fetched. I mean dreams are just our imagination right?


Well not quite, at least not to a spiritualist. Gods, and spirits from the afterlife can talk to us in dreams. So why not ones that already exist in an “imaginary world” Like I said… My first reaction was “Pshhhh, yeah right!” and “Get real. There is not way.” Untill I had a visit from someone known as Din. This was in a way both Din the Goddess of Power and Din the Oracle of Seasons.

Now, when I usually say “Waking world” I mean that little spot in your mind’s eye that the gods use to say “I’m here”. However not this time. This time the spirit was near physical. How do I know? Because me and two other friends of mine were looking at the same spot on my floor. I could see a red blur when I did not focus my mind’s eye on the spot. And when I did there was this beautiful red woman. At first my mate said it was Sekhmet because of the “red lady” part but the woman on the floor got angry at being called someone that she is not. She sat up and all three of us had the same word come to mind. Din.

As a hard core Legend of Zelda player, I was not sure if I should laugh or crap bricks. But the more I was looking at her, the more it fit. Then all three of us said the same thing at the same time. “She likes techno.” And one of us went to the computer and played jumpstyle songs. And she started to dance.

I have no idea what to think of this except: Well my life is weird enough so why not?


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