Dream Magic and Worlds

Dream magic is possibly the strongest kind of magic ever. Yeah you have Red magic which has the power of chaos but that has too many drawbacks. With dream magic you can do the impossible.


In dreams one can do anything from falling indefinitely to live 7 years in a matter of minutes. But it is also where people can have loves with “imaginary” people. For now I am going to separate what I know into 3 parts. One for relationships, one for artifacts, and one for the actual magic part.

imagination is key for everything dream based. but so is knowledge of how things work. One cannot just think of something and expect it to work. this is no different than with people in the dream realm. Several people will dismiss this as folly and say that they are imaginary. This would be true if there were not so many people dreaming and giving energy to these imaginary people. After time they form into powerful dream spirits with some of the same abilities of gods such as being in many places at once and with many people at once. I have met several people with relationships with such beings. However, if there is no compatibility or the compatibility changes then the relationship will act in the same manor as it would out here in the Awake World. Happily Ever Afters could exist but even in dreams it is unlikely. Mind you this is for living in a dream world.

Artifacts are becoming one of the most powerful pieces of dream magic. These may include anything from Clow Cards to Keyblades to Bunny Hoods. There are people that can use Keyblades. I personally mix keyblades with my clow magic sometimes. I know a person that is mixing elder scrolls artifects into his magic. Artifects can include, but is not limited to, any item or word. So the words “Fus Roh-Dah” would have the same effect as in the game. Clow Cards are summoning artifacts as are yugioh cards (personally I prefer the Clow) So anything can exist but certian laws in in place. the artifact has only as much power as the will of the person using it. So its all about the strength of heart and mind as well as soul. So if someone with a lot of will power was using a keyblade and was going up against a person using a lightsaber but the keyblade user had a stronger will, the lightsaber would not be able to cut the keyblade.

Dream magic all depends on what you do. I could use the dark spell Flux to harm an enemy but that would require the artifect “Tome of Flux” from the Fire Emblem Dream Realm. I would rather just take my Clow cards and use The Firey though. Granted artifacts are one of the ways and probably the easiest way to use dream magic, but its not the only way. The other side is Dream-weaving. It is a form of creation magic. Like all creation magic it takes a lot of energy. I suggest getting your body in shape and having a stash of food near by when attempting this, not to mention finding a source outside of your own energy reserves to work with. How does this portray to the Awake World? Well dream magic is taking the limitless of dreams and allowing it to flow through our very limited world. It opens up possibilities that could not be acquired otherwise. Unlike chaos magic which goes against, the grain so to speak, dream magic flows nicely with the natural order of things. There is nothing wrong with dreaming.

There are some warnings that I must say. One, if you don’t have enough energy you will probably fall asleep very quickly(though if you are an insomniac this might be a good thing ) Two, if your will is less than what ever you are effecting then it has a chance of back lashing, so its best to do nice things in case it rebounds.


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