Missing emotions….

I don’t know exactly how to put this…. Most of the things that I usually post will be about spiritualism or something of that nature… And most of those are going by feelings. But as of 0023 of 3/18/12 I feel like my heart chakra is missing…. I am not sure if it is closed up or obliterated or erased or what but the point of the matter is that I cannot feel. I cannot even say words that have emotional ties. My mate of three years is worried sick.

I am confused. I cannot think straight because for so long my thoughts have been connected with my emotions

Even now when one of my poly lovers says “I love you” I cannot respond. The words just are not there.

Its so frustrating…. I don’t know what else to put except to warn anyone about wanting to turn off their abilities to feel emotions… Do not give up your emotions. Because it takes away much more than people from your life. You can’t eat, drink, sleep, or even relax. Everything you do will feel pointless unless its logical.


Yin and Yang

For the new to be made the old must first be destroyed. This is true for all things. Its the circle of life. Its Yin and Yang. Life and Death. Everything is sacred and everything is changing. Emotions rise and fall, as do empires. If everything has a beginning then so to shall it have an end, and with end comes the hope of a new beginning.